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Web designer, UX designer, front-end developer.

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Nathalie van Berkom

web and UX designer

I was born in Groningen and grew up in a small town. I am a crazy cat lady (in a good way) and I had a free and fun youth in the countryside.

When I turned 17 it was time for me to put secondary school behind me and continue my adventure in The Hague at The Hague University, to start with my bachelor. I moved to The Hague and I had to leave my cats behind, but in return I got a roommate!

I felt at home quite fast in the big city and I noticed that I became more structured in life, I was ready to take on new challenges. It turned me into a social and open person who is not afraid to take a leap of faith every now and then. These events made me a hardworking and happy woman that wants to keep developing her skills and try new, exciting things.

Today, I try to expand my skills by stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to designing. I try new methods, I improved my drawing skills and with new ways of thinking I hope to create even better web designs in the future.

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